Angola will be one of the most interesting participating countries if the next Expo Milan 2015. The African nation will have a self-built pavilion where it will develop the chosen theme: "Food and Culture, Educate to Innovate". The focus will therefore be on women, emblems of maternity, health and wisdom.

From the rich and varied culinary traditions of the country and the primary role that the world of women play in the preparation and production of food, the pavilion will invite visitors to take a look into the future, encouraging to follow good eating habits, guided by sustainability through the use of new technologies.

The exhibition area of ​​Angola will have an outdoor garden, two restaurants and an entertainment area that will host exhibitions and shows. The goal is to create a wonderful journey through the nature, the history and the culinary tradition of this country.

Women protagonist of Angolan pavilion and Angolan women protagonist worldwide. Albina Assis Africano is the General Commissioner of the Pavilion. She is a chemical engineer and has worked within the past exhibitions in Aichi, Zaragoza, Shanghai and Yeosu.

During Expo 2015, in addition to her role as Commissioner, she is also chairman of the Steering Committee, the organizing committee created by the commissioners of the participating countries to coordinate activities on the exhibition site. It is the first time that a woman plays this role, and it is also the first time for an African representative.

Angola considers Expo Milan 2015 as a great opportunity to show the world its improvements in food safety field. "The theme of Expo Milan 2015 'Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life' - said Albina Assis Pereira Africano - will allow us to reflect on the global problem of malnutrition afflicting millions of people around the planet, above all in Africa. In our pavilion we will translate our vision of the future: to educate means thinking about the well-being of the generations of today and tomorrow. Innovate means adapting the best practices of our ancestors to the modern world. "

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